The GFL Ground Fault Sensor manufactured by Electromagnetic Industries LLP is used with the BGFL and GFP Ground Fault Relays to provide a way to detect and protect from Ground Fault Conditions in Grounded AC power systems.



Ground Fault Sensor (BGFL, GFP & GFPV)

Application: These Ground Fault Sensors (type GFL) are available in a variety of sizes. Care should be taken when determining the physical size of the sensor window. The Ground Fault Sensor will only respond to ground faults that occur between the position of the sensor and the load. Each sensor comes with both normal and test windings. These sensors are only for use with BGFL, GFP and GFPV relays.
Operating Range: Trip Currents models are available for 5-60, 30-360, and 100-1200A
Frequency: 50/60 HZ
Insulation Level: 600 Volt, 10 kV BIL full wave
Connection terminals: No. 8-32 brass terminals with flat washer, lock washer and nut.

Sensors have internal test winding for testing of the sensor and relays together without having the need to use an external primary injection test system.

These sensors are “Zero Sequence” sensors. For application where all three phase (and the neutral if monitored) pass through the same sensor, the direction of current flow is not a factor in the relays operation.

If more than one sensor is being used, all sensors must have the H1 side facing the same direction with respect to the current flow.