The GFP Ground Fault Relay Manufactured by Electromagnetic Industries is a Class 1 relay that meets NEC service entrance equipment standards. The GFP Operates with molded case power circuit breakers, bolted pressure switches, or fusible disconnect switches.



Ground Fault Relay (BGFL)

Operating Range: Trip Currents models are available for 5-60, 30-360, and 100-1200A. The time delay is adjustable from 0.10 to 1 second.
Input Power: 2VA plus shunt coil requirements (Rated @ 120 VAC)
Input Withstand: 200,000 Amperes RMS for 3 cycles, 50/60 Hz
Nominal Input Voltage: 120 Volts AC, 125 Volts DC, 48 Volts DC, 24 Volts DC
Frequency: 50/60 Hz
Trip Currents: 5-60, 30-360 and 100-1200A
Ambient Temperature Range: -30 Deg C to 60 Deg C

Designed for electrical equipment protection, not specifically for personnel protection.

Used together to provide a system for detecting ground fault current in a grounded AC power system. When the system detects a ground fault that reaches a pre-selected current level and time delay, the relay initiates a trip signal for a shunt trip disconnect device to open and clear the fault.

Available with interlocks (for coordination of multiple devices in a system) and without interlocks (for single device systems).

Although still available, the BGFL Ground Fault Relay is a legacy product ​that is approaching the end of its production life. A less expensive form/fit/function alternative which has a better user interface and more accurate fault current trips is available. Since its introduction in 2008 the GFP is as reliable or more reliable than the BGFL. This allows for easy upgrade to the GFP with minimal effort or expense.



1. Units use the same sensor.

2. Units have the same terminal designation.

3. Units are the same size and have the same mounting locations/methods.

4. Units have the same Contact Ratings.

5. Units in the same UL and CSA files.

6. Units have identical operation (as the standard BGFL).


1. The GFP does not require the 55W resistor for the Test Circuit.

2. The GFP has a bar graph readout of Ground Fault Indication.

3. The GFP Time delay is a 16 position selector switch for better accuracy (vs the BGFL potentiometer).

4. The GFP has additional functions such as (Optional) Inverse Time Curves.

5. GFP has a lower cost than the BGFL.