Model 252 & 262

The GFL Ground Fault Sensor manufactured by Electromagnetic Industries LLP is used with the BGFL and GFP Ground Fault Relays to provide a way to detect and protect from Ground Fault Conditions in Grounded AC power systems.



GFM Ground Fault Current Sensor (w/ Split Core)

Application: These Class 1 (Model GFM) Ground Fault protection systems are used to minimize damage to equipment due to arcing ground faults. The GFM system is designed for all polyphase applications and is ideal for motor control, motor control centers and high voltage starters. Systems can be wye or delta, grounded or resistance grounded.
Operating Range: Trip Currents models are available for 1.5 to 65 Amps, depending on sensor
Frequency: 50/60 HZ
Time Delay (Adjustable): Instantaneous to 36 cycles (adjustable)
Input Power: Self-Powered
Trip Currents: 1.5 to 65 Amps
Ambient Temperature Range: -30 Deg C to 60 Deg C

Designed for electrical equipment protection, not specifically for personnel protection.

Only for use with EI GFM sensors.

When the ground fault current exceeds a preselected condition (current and time settings) the relay trips. The relay contacts can be connected in the control circuit of a motor starter, to the shunt trip of a circuit breaker or other similar disconnect or alarm device.