w/ Voltage & Fuse Monitoring

The GFP Ground Fault Relay Manufactured by Electromagnetic Industries is a Class 1 relay that meets NEC service entrance equipment standards. The GFP Operates with molded case power circuit breakers, bolted pressure switches, or fusible disconnect switches.



GFPV Relay Series (w/ Voltage & Fuse Monitoring)

Application: Ground Fault Relay, with optional Voltage and Fuse Monitors
Input Power Options: Three Phase 208, 240, 480, 575, or 600Vac
Nominal Input Voltage: Input power comes from the three phases being monitored
Frequency: 50/60 Hz
Ground Fault: Trip currents ranges available: 5-60, 30-360 and 100-1200A
Input Withstand: 200,000 Amperes RMS for 3 cycles, 50/60 Hz
Trip Currents: 5-60, 30-360, and 100-1200A
Ambient Temperature Range: -30 Deg C to 60 Deg C

Designed for electrical equipment protection, not specifically for personnel protection.

Used together to provide a system for detecting ground fault current in a grounded AC power system.

The Ground Fault Sensors (Model GFL) are sold separately. Please see our GFL Sensor selection to determine proper size and shape for the application.

For systems not requiring voltage or fuse monitoring, please see our Model GFP Ground Fault Relay.

Fuse Monitor Section (Optional): The Fuse Monitoring section of the GFPV is used to send a trip signal in case of an open fuse in the service being monitored.

Voltage Monitoring Section (Optional): The voltage monitoring section monitors all three phases for phase loss, phase reversal, over voltage, under voltage, and phase unbalance.